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Gummed paper and self-adhesive paper

Gummed paper (adhesive tape) must first be dampened before it can be used. Self-adhesive paper can be used directly.

gummed paper for (trading) stampsgummed paper is produced using various different types of paper ranging from wood-free to low wood content. Gummed paper can be delivered on roll or as sheets, out of which the stamps are punched.
adhesive tape
kraft paper of varying gram weights is used for adhesive tape. The most frequently used kraft paper is: K60 (60 gram) and K70 (70 gram). Adhesive tape is suitable for closing carton boxes as the tape is insensitive to variations in temperature. Available in brown and white, and can be printed using various colours.
reinforced adhesive tape
reinforced adhesive tape is comprised of 2 layers of kraft paper with reinforcement wires in-between. Reinforced adhesive tape is used when stronger packaging is required.
self-adhesive paper (spine tape)this self adhesive paper tape contains silicon and can be printed in various colours. Self-adhesive paper on roll is suitable for use as spine tape when making (writing) pads.
masking tape
general purpose tape. For a wide range of applications, from painting to industrial applications.
equipmentvarious equipment is available to ease the use of adhesive tape. Here are just of few of the many on offer. For advice or additional information please complete our information request form.

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