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Self-adhesive materials (single and double sided)

Both single and double sided materials are used in a wide variety of applications. There are a number of different types:

mounting tape
for a wide range of assembly applications, such as paper, carton, displays, name plates, decorative strips etc.
splicing tape
especially suitable for joining sheets of paper foil for flying or stationary roll changes.
repulpable tape
useful in particular when the tape must dissolve in water (paper manufacturers) or for applications where the initial adhesive strength needs to be very good (endless paper and foil strips)
very high bond tapethese tapes stick so well that they can often replace conventional joining techniques such as welding, pop rivets, bolts etc.
differential coated tapesuitable for applications in which 1 side of the tape must adhere more strongly than the other, for example in situations where something must easily come loose or be repositioned.
foam tapefor assembly applications where a 'height' is required. For example assembly applications on rough surfaces.
Nitoflon PTFE tape
special heat proof tape with a good chemical resistance, repellent characteristics and a low coefficient of friction. Ideal for lining rollers.
made from a film of polypropylene of high tensile strength, especially developed for easy opening of carton packaging.
linen tapesingle sided (spine tape) or double sided self adhesive tape suitable for a wide range of assembly applications. Single sided linen tape is available in various colours and is used in the world of music and theatre as well as in many other areas. In addition, linen tape can be used as spine tape for making writing pads.


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